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Announcing CES 2018 Taiwan Tech Star selection Result

Taiwan Tech Star
After a dual-track Review by both the CES General Assembly and the Silicon Valley experts specially invited by the Ministry of Science and Technology, we have selected 32 teams to join us in the CES Taiwan Tech Star Taiwan Pavilion at the Eureka Park.

The selected team are listed in alphabetical order as follows:
  1. Aichure 愛眾創新
  2. Accurate Meditech Inc 精準醫電
  3. Aengin 研擎科技
  4. AstralNet 奧索
  5. Beautimode 宏麗
  6. Big data Mobile company 巨量移動
  8. ChaseWind 追風
  9. Coolso 酷手
  10. Deep Force 鼎峰智能
  11. eBus 交大電控所
  12. Flexwave 飛立威
  13. GANZIN Technology 台大電子所
  14. Genius Holding 傑尼斯
  15. iWEECARE 愛微科
  16. I.X 大宏數創意
  17. iXensor 安盛生科
  18. LongGood 龍骨王
  19. Lubn 樂邦安控
  20. Rehabotics 富伯生醫
  21. Robotelf Technologies 麗暘科技
  22. Seda G-Tech 世大智科
  23. Sinopulsar 華星
  24. SkinProbiotics 
  25. Smart Wave 智威富科技
  26. TAIWAN 3D TECH 台科三維
  27. Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology  台灣骨王
  28. Theia 特亞
  29. Vismile 智鏡科技
  30. WeLife Technologies 崴立飛
  31. Winnoz Technology 伊勒柏
  32. Yinscorp 印正
※ The organizer reserves the right to finalize the team exhibited at the Taiwan Pavilion