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The Announcement of Prototyping Program 2019 Final Result

09.May.2019 / [2019-05-09~]
Thank you for applying the Prototyping Program 2019. After carefully reviewing these applications, we are delighted to announce the following 20 applicants who have been selected to the Prototyping Program 2019:
Industry Company Name / Team Name
IoT Advantir Innovations
IoT Lucid VR Inc. 美商露西德有限公司
Biomedical MedFluid醫流體
IoT 幻景啟動股份有限公司
IoT 世創生物科技股份有限公司
Biomedical 巨量移動科技有限公司
Machinery 安堉創新科技
Green Energy 安聯材料科技
Green Energy 亞福儲能
Biomedical 怡定興科技
Biomedical 威捷生物醫學股份有限公司
IoT 耐特資訊股份有限公司
Biomedical 基準生技有限公司
IoT 連力股份有限公司
Biomedical 麥博森股份有限公司
IoT 創星淨聯科技股份有限公司
Biomedical 酷氏基因生物科技股份有限公司
IoT 環研智聯股份有限公司
IoT 聯圖智能股份有限公司
IoT 寶江科技

Waiting List
  1. 新台北奈米生醫科技股份有限公司
  2. 譜曲辰農業科技股份有限公司
  3. 洞見未來科技股份有限公司
  4. 心紘國際股份有限公司
  5. 愛能科技
  1. The list is shown in alphabetical order.
    The accelerator and selected team must submit a form for participation in the project to the TTA Prototyping Program before May 20th; if it is unable to ompleted by the deadline, it will be deemed to have waived its rights and will be reimbursed according to the waiting list.
    The selected team will be contacted by the Accelerators for further information.
Point of Contact
Accelerator Contact
BE Accelerator- Arthur Chen, arthur.chen@becapital.com.tw
IAPS - Joanne Liu, joannaliu@nctu.edu.tw
SparkLabs Taipei - Edgar Chiu, edgar@sparklabstaipei.com
TVC - 邱嘉玲, chialing@itri.org.tw

TTA Prototyping Program
Sylvia Chang
Phone number: +886-3-5914580
Email: sxchang@taiwanarena.tech

*Program reserves all rights to make changes on the Program and the Terms and Conditions at any time.