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  • Solid Innovation Creativity Implementation Platform Declaration
    The company/team (“we”) are participating in the Ministry of Science and Technology Asia Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Linking Program (“the program”) held by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (“the host”) on behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C., and we hereby declare the proposed “selection participation work (idea/technology)” and other information (“the selection information”) do not infringe any rights or properties, and the regulations related to selection shall be followed. We agree to the following terms and conditions:

    — We guarantee that we own the intellectual properties of the selection data we present, or are authorized to use them; we guarantee that the selection information given does not infringe any intellectual properties. If the selection information given is a result of plagiarism in part or as a whole, or infringes third-party business intelligence/secrets, intellectual properties or other rights, we will immediately return all subsidies and advance training fees to the host. We will be subject to legal action by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the host and any third-parties, and will be responsible for any and all compensation as a result of such action. The host may also remove us from the program. We agree to attend all, complete events of the program, including, but not limited to, visits and result-release expos, and if we are registered but miss the event without being properly excused, the host may request us to repay subsidies on a case-by-case basis.

    — We agree that after subsidies from the Creativity Implementation Platform are awarded, we will cooperate on the following matters during execution period of the program:
    Program benefits follow-up: provides information on business operations after the company is incorporated.
    Innovation Entrepreneurship Promotion: sharing progress on creativity implementation and results by text, audiovisual media or photographs.
    Talent cultivation follow-up: provides the program with developments and the start-up career status of members.
    Submit related report: submitting reports on the program is compulsory (in Microsoft Word format).
    Participation in related events: assistance to program-related PR events is required, including program results releases and related tasks.
    Creativity implementation: we will produce prototypes or conduct trial mass production within the defined time frame.

    — We agree to authorize the royalty-free use of above-mentioned information provided to the Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C. and the host for the release of results, expos, promotions, and discussion events, etc.

    — We shall return all subsidies and advance payment of fees to the host in the event we fail to comply with the compulsory regulations of this declaration.

    — We agree that the host reserves rights to modify, interpret or terminate the program should any issues regarding to the program arise.
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