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A. Purpose

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (the Host) is in charge of the execution of the Asia Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Linking Program (the Program) held by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Five innovative industries (IoT, biotech and medical, renewable energy technologies, smart mechanical technologies, and national defense and aeronautical technologies) have been chosen as the focus to create the Solid Innovation Creativity Implementation Platform, for which selection rules have been established to choose technology-rich Solid Innovation startup companies/teams to be cultivated under the program. In conjunction with enterprise-mentor counselling schemes backed by an abundance of business resources from various major companies, and in connection with system integrators and rapid prototyping companies to trial-produce prototypes, validate products/services or conduct trial mass production, startup companies/teams will be guided toward value-added developments to help domestic/international startup companies/teams grow in terms of production of their goods and the commercialization of such, and facilitate the industrialization of the results of original academic/research conducted by the organization.

Image 2The program will provide subsidies for startup companies/teams to implement the production of their future products or implement their creative and innovative ideas. Exceptional startup companies/teams that are successfully matched with a mentor will be entitled to subsidies of two million (2,000,000) New Taiwan Dollars to help the startup companies/teams build prototypes or conduct trial mass production.
B. Requirements
  1. The team must meet one of the following criteria:
    1. The startup team falls within the above-mentioned five categories of innovative industries, and set up a company in Taiwan before July 15, 2017.
    2. The startup company falls within the five categories of innovative industries, and the company was incorporated in Taiwan after January 1, 2012
【Note on subsidies: payments of subsidies will be made in installments according to the contract terms following signing of the contract by the program host and the chosen startup companies/teams before July 15, 2017.
Contracting parties must be companies incorporated in Taiwan. If startup teams are chosen, teams must have incorporated companies in Taiwan and have signed the contract before July 15, 2017, before subsidies can be issued.】
C. Creativity Implementation Platform Counselling Resources
  1. Startup companies/teams chosen by the program will be given the following counselling resources:
    1. Enterprise mentor counselling
    2. Value-added product design
    3. Finalization of product specification(s)
    4. Trial-production of product prototype
    5. Public release of results

D. Program Flow
Image 3

Stage Name


Activity details

Public briefing

Starting March 22

Explanation of selection rules and requirements


April 20

Open for applications

May 5

Applications closed

Preliminary selection announcements

May 22

List of the startup companies/teams entering the enterprise-mentor matching stage will be published on the website (address: www.titan.org.tw )

Enterprise-mentor matching event (private)

June 6

Matching startup companies/teams with their enterprise mentors

Matching results announcement

June 12

List of successfully matched startup companies/teams will be published on the website (address: www.titan.org.tw )

Creativity Implementation

Starting June 13

Creativity implementation counselling officially begins, and continues for 4 to 5 months

Contract signing

July 15

Selected startup companies/teams will sign contracts with execution team of the Ministry of Science and Technology Asia Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Linking Program prior to July 15

Result release expo

Approx. November

The result release expo will be held in which startup companies/teams shall participate

  1. Application
Startup companies/teams that wish to participate in the selection process must complete the following two steps and submit the required information prior to May 5, 2017:
  1. Pitch deck: Complete all data for application and upload a pitch deck online.
  2. Selection declaration: Download the selection declaration, complete and sign it with a signature/seal, scan and upload it to the online application platform, then mail the physical original completed and signed with signature/seal to the host. Mailing info:
* To: MOST Asia Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Linking Program – Selection Declaration
* Address: Room 106, Building 51, 195, Sec. 4, Chung Hsing Rd., Chutung, Hsinchu, Taiwan 31040, R.O.C.
* From: your company/team name
Deadline: May 5, 2017, as recorded by the online application platform.
  1. Preliminary Selection
The preliminary selection will be based on the evaluation of all data submitted. After the application deadline (May 5, 2017), the program execution team will review pitch decks jointly with enterprise mentors and select at least 12 (est.) teams to participate in the enterprise-mentor matching event. The list of preliminary selection results will be published on the website by May 22, 2017 (address: www.titan.org.tw ).
Selection criteria include:
  1. Members of startup companies/teams: composition, creativity and degree of innovation
  2. Tech ability
  3. Whether the IP is patented or not
  4. Industrial demand
  5. Viability of products and their commercialization
  6. Prototype production or components and competitive advantages of business models
  7. Competitive advantages of products/services
  8. Return on investment.
  1. Enterprise-mentor Matching Event
On June 6, 2017, the enterprise-mentor matching event will be held separately according to the different categories of the participating startup companies/teams. Startup companies/teams that have passed the preliminary selection stage will be invited to join the event, and each team will prepare a 10-minute presentation to interact with their enterprise mentors. Potential startup companies/teams will be chosen by enterprise mentors. The list of the selection results will be published on the website by June 12, 2017.
  1. Creativity Implementation Counselling
Successfully-matched startup companies/teams will be allocated a dedicated counselor who shall provide startup companies/teams with creativity implementation mentoring according to their needs. This benefit will continue for approximately four to five months. Enterprise mentors will act as consultants and introduce the team to professional designing consultants with whom the team can discuss business ideas. By conducting research through utilizing designer thinking, and looking into potential scenarios of product usage, the startup companies/teams will be improving their products and finalizing product specifications, and subsidies will be given to produce prototypes or conduct trial mass production.
Through enterprise-mentor counselling, startup companies/teams have the opportunity to adjust their business models, establish marketing channels or work directly with enterprises based on their mentors’ professional opinions. Each startup company/team will be given the best assistance available by communicating with its dedicated business manager for this time.
  1. Result-Release Expo
Following the counselling period, a result-release expo will be held in November 2017.
  1. Announcements of Information
Program-related information and the list of the selected startup teams will be published on the official website of the Asia Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Linking Program.
  1. Contact Information
Point of contact: Mr. Chang
Phone number:+886-3-5917211
Asia Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Linking Program reserves the right to modify the above rules.