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Taiwan Innovation &Technology Arena is a flagship project supported by Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology. This project aims to boost the diversity of Taiwan’s innovation ecosystem by inviting talents from all over the world to create the next big thing with Taiwan’s startups and industries. We firmly believe that diversity brings out creativities, and all creativities should be treated well.
There are 3 pillars to support our core value. One is to provide the resources for the soft-landing of worldwide startup teams. In addition to financial support on the flight tickets, accommodations and living expense in Taiwan, the worldwide team can choose one of the experienced accelerators in Taiwan as a host and leverage the accelerator’s network here.
Second, we build a “from idea to product” platform for those newly budded ideas to come closer to commercialization. If you have an innovative idea and wonder how to turn it into tangible products, we offer business mentors, scenario-based design coaching, product development and rapid prototyping resources.
Our third pillar is to offer the training course and out-bound programs for Taiwanese PhDs and medical-devise talents. By immersing in global 1st tier environment and bring back both the experiences and expertise, it will enrich the whole innovation system and further create a virtuous circle in Taiwan.