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[Meet Us] CES 2018 Taiwan Tech Star

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Health and Biotech
accurate Accurate Meditech Inc was founded in 2017, the company R & D measuring physiological signals, to obtain the Pulse Wave Velocity data via pressure bio sensor, developed using our unique algorithm calculates the physiological signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure, also artery age. The purpose of health management is the ability to step back aware of their physical condition, the need to go to the hospital for further examination, or use exercise and diet to improve health. This dimension is refl ected in the creation of research and development in Taiwan hope to be able to use the advantages of the biosensor to create products, you can use the simplest way to care for your body. Also hope to be continuous monitoring of blood pressure, so that in diff erent locations of care and are concerned about who draw closer. Learn More: https://accurate-meditech.com/
BD Mobile BD Mobile provides hotspot analysis of all body, the red spots means vascular occlusion area in your body according pulse wave velocity index. After knowing hot spot area, doctors can use CT scan or ultrasound equipment only check the hot spot directly. Through a portable device, it measures heart-disease related information.
Genius Genius Holdings Co., Ltd has developed ezOxygen, a pioneering ultrasonic technology breath checker which connects your breathing data with Big Data Cloud Service by your smartphone, it is like your personal assistant, providing more information than your fitness coach and doctors. ezOxygen can synchronize 24-hr local weather conditions and PM2.5 status allowing you to check that information instantly on your smart devices. View website
iWEECARE Stand for demand, the creation from iWEECARE, Temp Pal™ , engineered with a patent pending miniature & flexible technology, more than a smart thermometer. It's a health tracking solution makes managing life easier. Perfect for small children; couples trying to get pregnant; elders; post-surgery or chemotherapy patients. Re-assignable according to your family needs. Affordable, rechargeable and reusable! Learn More
iXensor iXensor co. Ltd., based in Taipei, Taiwan, was founded in 2012. Our innovative and patented PixoTest® technology combines the smartphone and test strips for people to better monitor their health. Based on the same technology, the Eveline Smart Fertility System integrates the fertility monitoring APP with the ovulation test to provide a better solution in ovulation prediction and tracking. We dedicate ourselves to developing a wide-range of smart and reliable in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) products. Learn More here
LongGood LongGood provides a humanoid robot that performs automated passive and active medical rehabilitation, including evaluation and treatment. Which make physical therapists more productive. Hospitals pay a subscription fee for the robot in order to provide automated medical rehabilitation services for post-stroke patients as well as others who require physical/occupational therapy. Learn More here.
RMTC RMTC was founded in 2016 and supported from Ministry Of Science Technology Taiwan with vision of Long-Term Medical Care. Our product, the "DailyHand", includes two key functions of stoke rehabilitation, and is a small and portable exoskeleton robotic device that allows the patient to interact with realities, such as pick a slender bar or hold a cup via our device. We believe that our “Re-innovation” design can overcome those existing limitations in the rehab room on traditional medical rehab robot and effi ciently resolve the increasing manpower loading in the coming aging society. For now we are preparing for international certifi cations of medical device. We trust that our optimized design and business model can lead our product to match the market. Lear more here

Sinopulsar Tech. Inc. provides smart diapers provides the caregivers reduce time-consuming to wonder when to change the soil and wet diapers. Through the inner layer sensor of the smart diapers can be known the wetness level, and the sensing module can notify caregivers to change it via our APP. It’s useful for seniors wearing diapers even have dementia, rashes even UTI to reduce hospitalization. View website
skinprobiotics SkinProbiotics is a Microbiome company. By discovery of fermentation (Zymological) activities of probiotic bacteria, we are able to isolate various probiotic bacteria,  identify various carbon sources and synthesize therapeutic analogs of fermentation metabolites, and develop the profile of antibodies to microbiome as diagnostic platforms. Our mission are promoting the health by rebalancing the dysbiotic human microbiome and expanding any possibilities of probiotics cooperation with various industries and bringing more benefi ts to the society.
Winnoz Winnoz has developed a unique risk-assessment platform for cancer. Our platform is composed of two medical devices, Haiim™, and eGGi™, supported by artificial intelligence, Winnoz AI™. Haiim™ is an automated blood micro-sampling device designed to facilitate blood collection especially from neonates, infants, geriatric and chronic patients. eGGi™ is the only DNA-purification- free qPCR device able to analyze on-site whole blood samples and detect nucleic acid biomarkers associated with major diseases in 1 hour. View website
vismile Vismile let clients instantly try thounsands of styles, drive B2C/BaM luxury & fast apparel sales + data analysis w/Vismile integrated AR&VR virtual fitting. Learn More
AIchure SHOP FUN, SHOP SMART! FIND YOUR STYLE. AIchure tunrs famous fashion designers and celebrities alive. They can recommend personal fasion styles with your full-body photos. When you click your favorite items, you can find yourself trying on the clothes. Learn More
CIVIS CIVIS will provide retail store shopping experience with the convenience of online purchases. Our core services are centered on 360VR image scanning and generation technology which can be enhanced by AR and AI deep learning technology to add user interaction and service intelligence. Main business applications are Retail store, real estate, home care, museum, touring, and education etc. Learn More
Ganzin Ganzin Technology consists of professional electronic engineers and psychologists. Cooperating with leading provider of image processing and UX research team, we are committed to developing advanced eye tracking modules. We believe that technology should be widely applied utilized in daily life. View website
surglasses Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co.,Ltd was found in 2012 and develops hich tech equiptment and tools in medical field mainly for surgeans such as Surgical glasses and the Supplies of Surgical glasses, the company develops products which integrated hardware and software and its one of the fast growing high tech companies located in Taichung Science Park. 
THEIA THEIA, founded in 2014, specializes in the development of naked 3D technology (including optical, image processing, deep learning and software engineering), especially focuses on 3D display technology and building algorithms. THEIA also cooperates with the professors of Stanford (USA), NTU, NCTU and NTHU. Theia's "naked- eye”3D Photo-shooting phone case is designed to let consumers take and view the 3D photos through their own smart phones. The process is quite simple - install the phone case onto the phone, and then go to App Store download and install Theia's free photo-shooting app. and installas imple as that we do on a smartphone. It's the first "individualized content”3D product ever.
WeLife WeLife is a studio in pioneering Virtual Reality and other emerging technologies and features in educational uses. Our products are aimed to enhance users' engagementwith the real-world. We are the VR/AR/MR Educational Solutions.
YINSCORP Here in YINSCORP we have a small yet dynamic team with substantial IC and system design experiences under our belt. We only build products that are innovative, cool and enabling eco-systems that bring people together. Our fi rst product Count is exactly that!
Internet Services/Smart Home
aengin Officially operating since 2012, Aengin Technology focuses on the IoT services, which are people-driven and focuses on what people care about and value. The founder, Mr. Rick Chen, was too lazy to turn on or turn off the fans with “physical" touch when he was a maker; that urged him to invent something to deal with this problem. Between 2013 and 2015, Mr. Rick Chen was honored with several highly-appreciated innovation and invention awards in both Taiwan and China. In 2015, Aengin was selected to participate in the OrangeFab program, the France-based accelerator. In 2016, Aengin U.S. is established to engage in more overseas business. Patents is a key element to Aengin. Up to now, Aengin has more than 30 inventory patents addressing wireless control, IoT applications, and IoT business models. Among which the value of PCT/CN2013085631 is assessed up to US$2 million. Learn More
AstralNet AstralNet builds innovative security technologies that raise security standards and dedicated to improve the security of IOT applications.
I.X All I.X team members have many years of experience in IT and mobile industries, and most of our team leaders had worked and played key roles at HTC's management and decision level for years. I.X’s Founder, David Wu, was served at HTC as global software planning director, responsible for company’s main product innovation and functional planning. I.X’s Chief Operating Officer, William Huang, was served at HTC as product planning director, responsible for planning company's future product portfolio, global sales marketing, operational cost control and pricing strategy. I.X's RD leader, Jerry Tseng, was served at HTC as software architecture director. He was on the cover page of Business Weekly Taiwan as most potential and talented software developer in Taiwan .Plus a number of experienced RD team members in cloud and software development. I.X brand is hoping through the Internet of Things (IoT) to build mobile security around enterprise and provide total solution to highest security grade level. Meet I.X here
LUBN The Lubn box is the most intelligent lock box in the world for property owners to remotely manage and monitor access control of properties via key exchange. Lubn’s patented IoT system includes an intelligent app with scheduler, which allows the user to securely manage property access and allows guests to easily check-in or out. View website
SEDA Gerontechnilogy Research Center (GRC) of Yuan Ze University was established in January 2003, which is the pioneering research center in the field of gerontechnology in Taiwan. Partnering with bedding company SEDA Chemical Products, SEDA G-Tech Co., Ltd was established in April, 2016. ”SEDA” means silk in Spanish, which matches our aim to design and bring silky smooth products into families for caring the older adults. SEDA G-Tech has been developing WhizSeries smart living / IoT products, such as WhizPad (motion sensing bed mattress), WhizCarpet (motion sensing carpet), Whiz-
Touch (IoT light and call button) and WhizConnect (IoT hub for BLE devices). Meet Seda here
IoT/ Wearable Device
ChaseWind ChaseWind Co. Ltd, is an innovative design company that aims to provide the best smart sport and health care devices. The cycling smart glasses they design have a HUD interface, which include features such as cycling real-time data, GPS navigation, health management software, video streaming, warning notifi cation, and cloud services. The company’s vision is to create a healthy and joyful lifestyle for people, and they are dedicated to inspiring communities to create a smart and convenient world.
Coolso Coolso is a Taiwan based startup founded in February 2017. We use unique patented muscle bio signal technology to develop a wearable gesture control device which is more reliable and fl exible than any other solutions on the market. Unlike other technology which might be compromised by interference source such as sunlight or rain/sweat, our technology can be used under any weather and condition. Our compact sensor can be integrated with existing wearable devices easily to provide extra functionality. We are currently focusing on AR/VR market to provide input solution for AR/VR interactive content.
Flexwave's technology turns ambient light into power that is available everywhere — on-demand, stand-alone, and just-in-time. By using of the “invisible” solar technology, we are redefining how people engage with electronic devices.
For wireless IoT devices, changing batteries causes huge maintenance cost and the interruption of service. We turn your case into power station to provide energy. It is waterproof and UV resist with 10 years lifetime. Flexwave is working on partnering with companies to bring products that delight users while maintaining an environmentally friendly footprint.
Smart Mike Smart Mike is the first prosumer-level wireless smart recorder in the world, that reduces noise for video shooting in smart phones. Simply open the app and put Smart Mike on your clothes or instruments, then you can get the best videos with
high audio quality. We help YouTubers, families, and performers preserve precious memories by shooting the best videos without noise ever in infinite distance of recording and remote controlling up to 20 meters.
T3D T3D is a startup, a spinoff of NTUST (TAIWAN TECH). Smartphone is no longer just for information display, T3D employs the image light as  "Energy" to fabricate a 3D part. It is the first smartphone 3D printer worldwide with cloud computing service.
yutouch yuTOUCH is an O2O solution provider, specifically for retail industry and restaurants.
yuTOUCH provides offline CPA solutions and self-ordering service. View website

Deep Force aims to build a deep learning platform to provide businesses transparency to implement fast, private, secure, cost-effective, and efficient deep learning applications for end-devices. These include but aren’t limited to smartphones, tablets, IP cameras, drones, and robots. View website

eBus eBus is an intelligent vision-based monitoring system that monitors the status and behavior of drivers via physiology recognition, detecting everything from fatigue to drunk driving. If the detected status is abnormal, the system takes suitable actions to prevent disaster.
Robotelf Robtelf is a family-oriented smart robot aimed at children and the elderly. With a price that is affordable for everyone and a combination of high technologies, Robelf is specially designed for home, long-term care, kid educational uses, and security monitoring. View website

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