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ABOUT Taiwan Innovation &Technology Arena

Taiwan Innovation &Technology Arena is a flagship platform which provides worldwide startups and innovators with a comprehensive resource pool for soft-landing in Taiwan.

Here you can find connections to high-quality accelerators, funding possibilities, competitive training programs. Besides, linking with Taiwan’s powerful manufacturing value chain to turn your idea into tangible prototype is also our strong suit.
With Meet Taiwan Tech, you can blend in Taiwan’s innovation ecosystem in just one single snap.

TITAN is officially online!

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We welcome startups, innovators, and talents from all over the world to join Taiwan’s exciting entrepreneurship system. To become our partnership, you can select and join one of the local accelerators and also have the chance to win the grant. Get ready to stretch, grow and see your business skyrocket in Taiwan with MTT.

    By qualifying the Meet Taiwan Tech team, you can get the Visa and financial support to cover flight tickets, co-working space, accommodations and living expenses.

    We provide more than 20 accelerator options across IoT, Biomedical, Machinery…etc. See their profile here and find a suitable partner.


Great innovation comes from great ideas. Meet Taiwan Tech encourages good ideas to come steps further towards product with commercialization potential. Here you can find resources including training courses, expertise services and prototype manufacturing.
  • Training Courses

    Helps you to come up with your own business plan and dig deeper with design thinking.

  • Expertise Services

    Here you can find our featured mentors, the patent/legal/technology transfer services. Also, you can access to various meetups to mingle with other great minds.

  • Prototype Manufacturing

    We offer a powerful manufacturing network of 388 rapid prototyping manufacturer and system integrators to help you carry out a tangible prototype.

  • 創新創業激勵計劃
  • 台灣創新創業中心
  • 亞洲矽谷
  • 台灣創新競技場
  • 創新創業激勵計劃